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System tracks task progress and documents all activities

“One of the best things about is how simple it is to use!  With everyone working remotely, the platform helps the IndyBeers team stay organized 24/7/365.  I would highly recommend it to anyone running their own site.”

Scott Habicht

Track Billable Time keeps running totals of all time billed for each project and plays nicely with a variety of external systems 

Versatility is a great fit for a variety of industries!  Do you manage a Web design shop?  Use PJS to push your latest revisions to both your team or to your client directly for feedback.  Wedding planners?  PJS keeps your clients in the loop while you mastermind an epic event.  Home remodeling contractors?  PJS is a great way to manage sub-contractor activity while simultaneously keeping the customer in the loop as to overall progress.  Bakery owners?  PJS helps you fulfill large orders more efficiently by allowing you to better plan your schedule.


Running a small business is tough and you need all the help you can get staying organized while keeping clients informed.  Most "project management" offerings are focused on internal team-based communication while is the only software solution designed to improve how companies collaborate with their end-customers. Homepage
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A more streamlined way to keep yourself organized while completing customer projects.

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